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2016 Toronto Arts League Championship Game

Posted Fri Aug 26, 2016 - 05:19 PM

This years Toronto Arts League Championship game will be between Toronto Live (Home) and Bandonkadnk at Stanley Park, Wednesday August 31st 6:30pm

Good luck to both teams.

2015 Finals

Posted Thu Sep 03, 2015 - 09:34 PM

This years finals was played at Stanley Park between Badonkadnk (Home) and Toronto Life (Away)

Final score:

Badanokadonk 17 | Toronto Life 12

Congratulations Badonkadonk, our 2015 Toronto Arts League Champions.

2015 Playoffs

Posted Wed Aug 26, 2015 - 10:31 PM

This years' playoffs feature the following:

Bain @ Badonkadonk -- Stanley park

Opera @ Toronto Life (win) -- Greenwood

Good luck to all teams

Playoff Results (Aug 28, 2014)

Posted Thu Aug 28, 2014 - 10:11 PM

Badonkadon (11) vs Remnants (1)

Toronto Life (14) vs Opera (16)

Finals will be Badonkadonk (home) vs Opera (away) @ Stanley

Standings and situation as of July 30th, 2014

Posted Thu Jul 31, 2014 - 02:01 PM

There are just three games left in the season, so, who's clinched what and Who is chasing whom?

Toronto Life:

Currently in first place Toronto Life has clinched a playoff spot and at least a second place finish.

A win against Badonkadonk next week will clinch them 1st place (2 games ahead, with two games remaining, and the head to head tie breaker in their favour)

If Toronto Life loses next week, then Badonkadonk ties them in wins and moves ahead on the head-to-head tie breaker.

A tie and the run differential favours Toronto life.

Anything but a Toronto Life win sets up an exciting final two games, with Toronto Life facing Remnants (4) and Opera (3) and Badonkadonk facing Opera (3) and Badgers (5)


Badonkadonk has clinched a playoff spot, no lower than 3rd place.

A win in any of the remaining three games would clinch Badonkadonk 2nd place.

Besides the above mentioned battle for first with Toronto Life it is technically possible for Opera to catch Badonkadonk and replace them in 2nd place. But with a three game lead that would require Badonkadonk losing the next three games and Opera winning all three. This would give the advantage to Opera in head-to-head play (tied at the moment, but an Opera win against Badonkadonk on the 23rd would give the head-to-head advantage to Opera.)

Note: Remnants can not catch Badonkadonk due to Badonkadonks tie breaker advantages.


Opera has not clinched a playoff spot as yet, but one more win will clinch them at least 4th spot.

As mentioned above in the Badonkadonk section, Opera has a mathematical chance for 2nd, but their real fight is with Remnants for 3rd spot. Currently Opera and Remnants are tied for wins, but Opera playing one game less has a better winning percentage. The schedule seems to give the Remnants some hope in that their last three games are against 1st, 5th and 6th place teams whereas Opera has to play the 6th, 2nd and 1st place teams. Opera currently has tie breaking advantages in winning percentage, head to head wins, and head to head run differential, so Opera has to make sure it wins at least as many games as the Remnants down the final three game stretch.

Mathematically speaking, Opera can also lose 3rd spot to Badgers, but this would require Opera losing all three games and Badgers winning all three of their games (if this were to happen and Remnants were to win at least one game, then Opera would end up in 5th, out of the playoffs.)


Remnants have not clinched a playoff spot, but one more win will clinch at least 4th.

As mentioned above, the Remnants are in a fight with Opera for 3rd place.

Remnants can not do better than 3rd, as even if 2nd place Badonkadonk were to tank the next three games and Remnants to win all three of theirs, Badonkadonk would have the head-to-head wins tie breaker in their favour.

Mathematically, the Badgers can still catch the Remnants if Badgers win all three of their games and Remnants lose all three of theirs. The Remnants are currently two games ahead of the Baders, but a tie in the win column would still leave the Remnants with the tie breaker advantages.


Badgers have not clinched a playoff spot:

A win in any of the next three games clinches the Badgers 5th spot.

The Badgers have mathematical chances to over take both Remnants and Opera, but they need to win all three of their final regular season games, and Remnants and/or Opera will need to lose all of theirs. Mathematically that means the Badgers could end up in third place, but they need to count on other teams to do their part as well.

The badgers are currently 2 games ahead of Bain, so if Bain wins their final three games and the Badgers loss their three final games, the Badgers could end up in 6th place.


Unfortunately, Bain can not make the playoffs at this point.

Best they can do is a 5th place finish, but this would require them to win all their remaining games, and have the Badgers lose all their remaining games.

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