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Name Description
Page_white_acrobat TAL-Championship-History League championship history as taken from the league trophy (some years missing, so if anyone has any further information lease pass it on.)
Page_white_acrobat TAL - Line-up card Fill out your batting order just before game starts and exchange it for the other team's line up card. Use to confirm players and innings played.
Page_white_word 2014 TAL Rulebook
Page_white_acrobat TAL Scoresheet (PDF) Scoresheet for Toronto Arts League Self Pitch Softball
Page_white_word Official Rain Policy Official rain policy from Toronto Parks and Rec. Please read and adhere to the policy, otherwise we risk losing the permits.
Page_white_acrobat 2015 TAL Schedule - PDF Toronto Arts League 2015 Schedule PDF Format
Page_white_acrobat 2015 Permit RiverdaleGreenwood 2015 permit for Riverdale Park and Greenwood Park.
Page_white_acrobat 2015 TAL Permit Stanley Park 2015 permit for Stanley Park
Page_white_acrobat 2016 TAL Schedule 2016 Toronto Arts League Schedule
Page_white_camera 2016 TAL Permits Rvr Grn 2016 TAL Permits Riverdale Greenwood
Page_white_camera 2016 TAL Permit Stanley 2016 TAL Permit Stanley
Page_white_acrobat 2016 TAL Rule Book 2016 Toronto Arts League Rules Book
Page_white_acrobat Schedule 2018 Toronto Arts League 2018 Schedule
Page_white_acrobat Permit-Stanley-2018
Page_white_acrobat Permit-RD-GW-2018 Riverdale and Greenwood Permits 2018
Page_white_acrobat 2019-TAL-Schedule Official Schedule for 2019 Toronto Arts League Season

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