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Exhition Games

Posted Mon May 11, 2009 - 07:56 AM

I will be deleting the exhibition games from the regular schedule so as not to have the scores show up in the official statistics.

FYI - The results for the exhibition games are as follows:

Opera (home) 22 vs Bain 15 @ Greenwood.
Toronto Life (home) 18 vs Remnants 14 @ Stanley.
Badgers (home) 31 vs Redwood 11 @ Riverdale.

How to post scores to the web site

Posted Thu May 07, 2009 - 03:23 PM

I've created a short youtube tutorial on how to do this. Follow this link to watch http://

For those who don't use youtube:

1) Click on "schedule" in the menu on the left.
2) Find the game in question and under the "Score" column click on the "enter score link", or the "score itself if it has already been entered.
3) Fill out the score or make corrections as needed.
4) For each player that played in this game enter the following minimum information:

4a) Select the player from the drop down list

4b) Enter a number in the "at Bats" (AB) column (this is needed. If you leave this blank it will mess up some functions on your teams page.)

4c) Click the "Played Game" button.

You can of course fill in as much player stats as you wish, but the minimum is the AB and "Played Game" for each player that has played in this game.

Captians - Check here the day before each game

Posted Thu Apr 16, 2009 - 03:31 PM

Captains - On Tuesday of each week, check here to see the current list of all teams status in regards to how many times each team has played with a "short handed" penalty. Any team that has already played short handed 2 times will have to forfeit any further games they show up for short of the required players of each gender.

Current status:

Badgers = 0
Bain = 0
Opera = 0
Redwood = 0
Remnants = 0
Toronto Life = 0

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